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We want to be your first choice when you decide to design the fireplace of your dreams. You will also have the advice of a specialist if you want maintenance, installation and restoration. The commitment of RVA CONTRACTING (GONZALEZ CHIMNEY, LLC DBA we will show you the quality and experience in each project we carry out-Since 2010, our clients in the Virginia area are sure that we provide the best service, with a competitive price. We work on everything related to fireplace.


Travertine is a form of limestone deposited by mineral springs, especially hot springs. It has a unique and elegant appearance in earth tones, which exists in white, tan, cream and even oxidized varieties. Travertine tiles are one of the most popular stones used in bathrooms and kitchens. Bring your travertine back to that healthy, sanitized stone look that once sparkled in the room. From the way it shines to the way it looks, it will bring incredible cleanliness to your stone.


Stamped concrete is available in a wide range of patterns that duplicate granite, slate, stone, brick, and even wood. RVA CONTRACTING (GONZALEZ CHIMNEY, LLC DBA) has a large variety of standard colors that challenge the eye to differentiate between a slate, granite or stone application and the actual application. Plus, it can be installed at a fraction of the cost of conventional materials, while offering superior durability and requiring less maintenance. Create an aura of elegance in and around your home or property with the realistic natural beauty of stamped concrete.


Although concrete can be made to look like natural stone, it can never be as beautiful as facing stone. With the veneer stone installation, it is possible to enjoy the genuine and elegant look of natural stones if practicality is the main thing.

With the veneer stone installation, a boring concrete wall or an old-fashioned ceiling can be transformed into a completely new and sophisticated surface. Each piece is secured by a special mixture that acts as its adhesive. We are experts in developing this type of work, call now and schedule your appointment.


If you choose a specialist paver company, there are several routes you can take: overlay, remove and replace, and start from scratch. Your best solution is RVA CONTRACTING (GONZALEZ CHIMNEY, LLC DBA). Our process for a standard installation of removing and replacing pavers begins with the demolition of the existing surface. We will first remove the existing hard surface (concrete / stone / pavers) and then excavate another 4 ”-6” to create an 8 ”-10” paver system. We will rebuild the area using a compacted, stabilized base material before applying a small amount of bedding sand to accommodate the pavers. Leave everything in the hands of the professionals


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